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Strategic Innovation

We all are familiar with process or product innovation. However, what powers them? How an automobile company like Toyota has remained one of the top three global auto firms since 1980s? What inspired Akio Morita to design the legendary WALKMAN and subsequently what inspired Steve Jobs to design the IPod? What inspired Boeing to design the 747, the most successful commercial jet for more than 40 years now? Taking Indian examples: What made Big Bazaar the biggest super market chain in a hyper competitive retail market or what made INDIGO the most profitable and successful airline in a mercilessly competitive Indian aviation industry?

There is another level of innovation, which precedes product or process innovation – in formal academic literature it is termed as STRATEGIC INNOVATION. The victory of Pandavas in Kurukshetra war can lot be attributed to Strategic Innovations made by Lord Krishna himself and of course Dhrishtadyumna – the general of the Pandava army. The Chakravyuha engineered by Guru Dronacharya is another example of strategic innovation.

So! India was once the hotbed of strategic innovation! It reflects in the verses of her best known book – The Bhagavad Geeta. We Indians WERE THE PIONEERS of strategic innovation and it is indeed ironic that today we look westwards to learn it!

The workshop

This one day workshop brings you three key learnings, which comprise the concept of Strategic Innovation (with an element of Indian philosophy):

Who should attend?

Every managerial personnel of any company, who has a great idea to start a new project or launch a new business division, are welcome to attend the workshop.