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Managing Disruptive Innovation


Managers must ignore disruptive innovations at their own peril.The new upstarts can more often than not deliver the death blow to the giants, all thanks to the power of disruptive innovation. While it has been attributed to the arrogance of the top management of these giant firms that has been partly responsible for their demise, but one can not ignore the role of ignorance of the concept of disruptive innovation.You can either nurture it or strangle it - the choice is yours!


This workshop has been developed to achieve many goals - innovating for short term goals versus the long. The workshop serves to enable senior management with a fresh perspective on the multi-dimensional aspect of future survival. It also serves to enable their understanding of how the management of innovation can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend ?

If you are responsible for the future direction of your organization If you need the tools, techniques and strategies for improving your organizational innovativeness If you manage or will be managing breakthrough innovations If you are concerned you don’t know enough about the market dynamics that drive disruptive change This workshop can be delivered for a mixed group of business leaders or a senior cross functional group from a single company too.