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Managing Business Disruptions

Strategy & General Management Area at Jaipuria Noida Pragya Gupta Dr. Deepak Pandit invite you to a Strategy Conclave on " Managing Business Disruptions" on 11th September. A stimulating panel discussion with a star studded line up Yogesh Bellani Nikhil Agarwal Rajat Kotra Sandeep Sehgal is in store. Looking forward to getting some insights into the future of corporate strategies #strategy #management #innovation #jaipuriainstituteofmanagement


Entrepreneurial Perspectives

Had 3 interesting sessions on 'Entrepreneurial Perspectives' with PGPM & PGPHR batches of MDI Gurugram. Thanks to MDI Meeta Dasgupta for the invitation. Re enforced my conviction for urgent need to mainstream entrepreneurship education in management .


Boot Camps

Had a wonderful session yesterday with IIT Kanpur incubatees and other students at the Boot camp organized by NEN. The energy was palatable with the 70 participants enthusiastically wrestling in break out sessions for creating Lean Canvas. Thanks to #NEN and National Entrepreneurship Network | Wadhwani Foundation Vijaya Talwar for the invitation


importance of technology, skill development

In the last BRICS summit, Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi spoke about the “importance of technology, skill development, and how effective multilateral cooperation creates a better world.” Today, in the light of COVID 19, when the world has come to a standstill, we at DataIQ School of Analysis along with our South African Partners, GoDigitalSA Foundation wish to take this vision of Hon’ble PM forward. We invite all the respected principals, faculty of the institutions and students to join us for a webinar on "COVID 19: AN ERA OF TRANSFORMATION IN EDUCATION AND LEARNING ECOSYSTEM". Date: 28th April Time: 16:30 IST


Public Expenditure and Economic Growth:

Regardless of theoretical grounds that presumed a positive relationship between government spending and economic growth, the extant research on this nexus is inclusive. This article re-examines the relationship between public expenditure and economic growth using more copious panel data set covering 59 countries in 1990–2019. Our empirical results confirm the unidirectional causality between economic growth and government expenditure where the causation runs between public spending and GDP growth. The results at large support the Keynesian framework that asserts the importance of government expenditure in stimulating economic growth. Further, the analysis reveals that after considering all the control variables such as trade accessibility, investment and inflation public spending positively affects economic growth. With regards to control variables, it was found that investment has a significant and positive bearing on economic growth. Evidence from the regression estimates further displays that trade openness encourages evolution in developing countries. However, population growth and unemployment have a detrimental effect on economic growth.

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