Our Model

Practicing Strategists is a Network of cross-sector Industry professionals connected in a common pursuit to deliver ‘knowledge services’ in advisory and implementation roles. It is managed by a Core Group and assisted by an advisory council which evaluates and facilitates Induction into the network. The company has currently over twenty five practicing strategists in its resource pool from a variety of industry sectors including telecom, satellite, education manufacturing, logistics, advertising and internet. The value proposition offered to present and potential customers is access to a large pool of quality professionals, proven domain expertise across functional and domain areas, ability to provide specialized help in core areas and seamless interchange between consultants. The quintessence of the concept is that the key to creating value and the future growth of every business depends on accessing a global network of resources to Co-create unique experiences with customers, one at a time. To achieve this, CEOs, V.Cs, educationalists, executives, and managers at every level must transform their business processes, technical systems, and supply chain management, implementing key social and technological infrastructure requirements to create an ongoing Innovation advantage. The PRACSTRAT community which is depicted below partners with organizations with similar vision to help them achieve some of their objectives