About Us

Who are we

Today’s fast moving world has global challenges. The stakes are high and it is important to give every customer a unique experience and value. Thus, in order to succeed one needs to have recourse much beyond the geographical and political boundaries. The requirement is of a global pool of knowledge and resources.

We are a network of cross-sector Industry professionals who are connected in a common pursuit to deliver ‘knowledge services’ in advisory and implementation roles. These knowledge providers are working together to solve problems which doesn’t confine to the silos of management.

What are we here for

PRACSTRAT aims at inching every bit of its expertise to provide solutions to the problems that knock our door. We, with ethics at its core, listen, observe, assess, analyze to let you get away with a way. We help our customers realize this vision. We specialize in resolving management, business and/or strategy related issues. We can support businesses in transforming their economical and technological infrastructure for creating and sustaining a competitive edge.